Dance It Up
Season 1, Episode 8
Dance it up
First Aired August 16,2012
Production Code 108
Writer(s) Disneylover16
Director(s) Disneylover16
Episode Guide
"Glow in the Dark It Up"
Dance It Up is the 8th episode of Season 1 of Shake It Up


Shake It Up Chicago"all of Chicago is welcome" dance. ALL of the dancers need a date. Rocky goes with Deuce, CeCe is in Florida visiting her dad, Bree with Ty, Flynn with Suzy, and Gabe with Talia. But there's one problem,The Siblings can NOT go togetcher rule. Gunther and Tinka decide to babysit Skyla since Talia and Suzy are going to the dance.


Recurring CastEdit


Guest StarsEdit

Featured PairingsEdit

Featured SongsEdit

  • Watch Me
  • Something to Dance For
  • Show Ya How


  • Cece is in Florida but Flynn is not.


Click here for the script

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