Beach Party It Up
Season 1, Episode 2
Beach party it up
First Aired July 30,2012
Writer(s) Disneylover16
Director(s) Disneylover16
Episode Guide
"Begin It Up"
"A.N.T. It Up"


It's summer and everyone's ready to partay! Well,not everyone. Rocky tries to get kids to come to her Educational Camp. Meanwhile,Ty,Flynn,and Deuce find some summer love. But Ty and Deuce end up falling for the same girl(Bree)!


Guest StarsEdit


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  • Mia Talerico joins the recurring cast.
  • G. Hannelius joins the recurring cast.
  • Ashley Boettcher joins the recurring cast.
  • Kelli Berglund joins the recurring cast.
  • Bradley Steven Perry joins the recurring cast.(mentioned only)


  • Summer's Out
  • Show Ya How to Do
  • Watch Me


Beach party it up Bree

Beach party it up

Beach party it up Cece and rocky
Flynn and Suzy beach party it up

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