Babysitter it up is the 13 episode in the SIU Fanon Wiki series.

Babysitter It Up
Season 1, Episode 13
First Aired August 2,2012
Production Code 113
Writer(s) User:Unknown
Director(s) Fiolet4eva
Episode Guide
"Good Luck Shake It Up"
"New Cast It Up"

Babysitter It Up is the 13th episode of Season 1 of Shake It Up.


Flynn's new babysitter causes him to fall in love! Talia , Suzy , and Skyla befriend her , but Flynn wants her all to himself! Suzy gets jealous of Starla because Flynn likes Starla instead of her. Meanwhile , Bree Is trying to survive a WHOLE day WITHOUT her phone.


Guest StarsEdit



Scene 1Edit

The Jones's house/apartment.

Bree: So Flynn,you're getting a new babysitter?

Flynn: You got me her!nn

Bree: I think your going to like her.

Flynn: Okay I get it. What is she like? Bree,BREE!

Bree: What? I'm texting right now!

Suzy: Who?

Bree: Mikayla?

Talia:You don't know a Mikayla. I think.

Bree: Well I do.

Doorbell Rings


Opens door

Flynn: Woah!

*theme song*

Flynn: Hiiiiiiii

Babysitter: Uh,hi? Oh hey Bree!

Bree: *Texting on phone* Hey Starla. *Still texting*

Starla: I bet you can't go a day without using your phone!

Bree: Pff! I so can!

Skyla: *in a cute voice* No you can't.

Bree: Bring it on!

Suzy: Tomorrow you can use your phone again. We'll just have to take your phone right

Bree: Fine.

Scene 2Edit

Flynn: Your so pretty.

Starla: Flynn, I think we're just friends.

Flynn: Did I do something ?

Starla: No it's just I can't go out with a 9 year old.

Flynn: I get it, I'm still gonna admire you though.

Starla: I'm fine with that.

Bree: It's so hard going without my phone , but I can do it.

Starla: I don't think so.

Skyla: *in a cute voice* You can't do it.

Bree: I so can.

Flynn: You smell really good Starla.

Starla: Thanks, Flynn.


Talia: What's wrong Suzy?

Suzy: I'm jealous of Flynn and Starla.

Talia: I see your point, I was really jealous of Gabe and Rachel, but it all turned out great.

Suzy: Your right, Thanks, Talia

Flynn: Hey, Suzy, did you smell how good Starla smells, she's my dream girl.

Suzy:(thinks) I thought I was your dream girl.

Suzy; No, I haven't, what does she smell like?

Flynn: Rainbows, beautiful rainbows.

Starla: Hey, Flynn

Flynn: Hey Starla, I was just talking to Suzy about how great you smell.

Starla: Aww, Thanks, Hey you guys wanna go to Crusty's

Everyone: Sure!!!!!

Scene 3Edit

At Crusty's

Talia: Hey Starla, so where are you from ?

Starla: I am from around here, but I told you a lot about me I wanna here about you guys.

Suzy: Well, my name's Suzy.

Talia: My name's Talia.

Skyla: I'm Skyla, and I love toys.

Flynn: You know me, Flynn.

Starla: Nice to me you all.

Starla: Who are your crushes?

Suzy: I don't really have a crush.

Skyla: Me too.

Talia: I have a crush on a boy named Gabe.

Starla: I know Gabe,he's my boyfriend.

Talia: Ohhh.

Suzy: *whispered to Talia* Now you now how it feels.

Flynn: I have a crush on you Starla.

Bree: I have boyfriend named Ty.

Starla: Great, to know.

Starla: Now, what do you guys what to do?

Everyone: Let's go to the movies!!!!!!!!!!

At the movies

Starla: So what movie do you guys what to see?

Everyone: Action movies!!!!!!!!!

Starla: Ok, 6 tickets for Laser Galaxy.

Movie Man: Here you go.

In the row of seats:

Bree: Can I have my phone for just a little bit?

Everyone: Noooooo!!!!!!!!

Bree: Awwww, nuts .

Suzy: Flynn we need to talk.

Flynn: Ok, talk.

Suzy: I think I'm becoming the 3rd wheel between you and Starla.

Flynn: Suzy, I never knew you thought about that, I'll make it all up to you tomorrow I'll spend the whole day with you.

Suzy: Thanks.

The Next Day

Bree: Yes, I can have my phone back !!!!

Talia: Here you go Bree your phone

Bree: Thanks, Tali.

The End