It's the first day of school!
— Amber in First Day It Up
Amber Rockwell

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Full Name

Amber Allie Rockwell





Date of Birth

July 20, 2002 (age 12)

Resides in

Chicago, Illinois



Eye Color


Hair Color



The Rockwell Family
Jade Rockwell sister
Rachel Rockwell sister
Cara Rockwell sister
Abgail Rockwell
Colette Rockwell sister Travis Rockwell brotherLisa Rockwell mom Keith Rockwell dadAudrina Rockwell sister


Justin Carter (Boyfriend)


Selene Blue
Avery Ross
Jessica Hampton Brittney Hampton


John Hughs Middle School

First Episode

Steal My Crush Away It Up

Last Episode


Portrayed By

Claire Engler

Amber Rockwell is a smart 11 year old girl who attends John Hughs Middle School. She is a fashionable girl who likes to play sports. .

She is portrayed by Claire Engler.

Personality Edit


Amber at school

Amber is a nice, smart, intelligent, fashionable, and a good sports player. She likes to play sports. She is into fashion but doesn't love fashion as much as her older sister Rachel.

Appearance Edit

Amber is a fashionable girl who has brown hair and brown eyes. She often wears shorts or leggings with pretty tops. She sometimes wears jeans or vests or cardigans with her tops. Sometimes she is seen wearing her sports uniforms. She often wears sneakers or high tops but she sometimes wears flats. Amber rarely wears skirts and dresses.

Changes of Personality Over Time Edit

To be added

Amber's party dress as seen in Birthday Party It Up

Changes of Appearance Over Time Edit

Season 2 Edit

Amber was more active and she wore more sports clothes. She only wore dresses for special occasions.


Claire Engler

Season 3 Edit

Amber wore more girly and fashionable clothes and wore less sports clothes.

Relationships Edit

Rachel Rockwell Edit

Rachel is Amber's older sister.

Cara Rockwell Edit

Cara is Amber's younger sister. Amber cares about Cara because she is the youngest.

Selene Blue Edit

Selene and Amber are best friends.

Avery Ross Edit

Avery and Amber are best friends.

Justin CarterEdit

Justin is Amber's boyfriend. They've been dating for 3 months.

Trivia Edit

  • Amber is 5'1"
  • She is 12 years old
  • She was born on July 20, 2002
  • She is the middle child of The Rockwell Family
  • She likes to play sports
  • She likes fashion but not as much as Rachel
  • Amber is an athlete
  • She likes to dance
  • She wears her sports uniforms after school but changes into regular clothes when she gets home
  • She is dating Justin Carter in Crush It Up after her crush turned her down
  • She wears girly clothing

Appearances Edit

Claire Engler

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