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Do not enter! Admins only! You can get banned if you are caught on this page!
(Thursday,October 18,2012)

Welcome to Admins Corner!

In this area you will find news for admins. If ANY non-admins are on here,they will be banned for a day.


These news are for ADMINS ONLY!! If you are not an admin,please leave ammediatly. Please stop reading for the safety of secrets for umm kept by the founder and admins(lame I know,I mean the part about the secrets BTW).

New Wikis!

These wikis are needing help! Please visit and help and edit them!

  1. A.N.T. Farm Answers
  2. Lab Rats Fanon
  3. Shake It Up Fanon Answers
  4. Fiolet Wiki
  5. Dog With A Blog Fanon Wiki
  6. Big Time Rush Fanon Wiki


SIU Fanon Wiki has a twitter account! Follow us @SIU_Fanon_Wiki! All admins will be able to use it , but the password will remain a secret to non-admins(this means you people who are not admins!).

100th Epiosde

Goerge678 has announced that the 100th episode will be written and directed by all 3 admins(If you have just became an admin then you're probably to late)!

Admin Contest

The admin contest is delayed! It might not happen at all. Please speak to the founder about this!


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